Chocolate Workshops

Learn about chocolate in our fun hands on chocolate classes!

Sign up for one of our workshops and learn about chocolate tempering in our kitchen guided by us. Learn the ins and outs of how chocolate is made and how to temper chocolate easily at home. Practice your new skills to make fun treats to take home and enjoy!

Please note that our beginner classes are all planned for people who may have never tempered chocolate before or who may have no cooking experience. To avoid confusion, our instructor may refuse to discuss advanced techniques outside the scope of our class lesson plan. All our classes are 16 and older. Please contact us regarding attendance by 12 and older.


Chocolate Tempering:

Learn the ins and outs of how chocolate is made and how to temper chocolate easily at home. Practice your new skills to make molded chocolate bars in dark chocolate with different add in ingredients and rolled truffles to take home.

Caramel Secret:

Have you heard that commercial about how they get caramel into a certain brand of bar? Do you want to know? Want to try making some yourself?

This class will include tempering dark chocolate and making a caramel filling in a group setting and filling individual bars (regular is a dairy based caramel and vegan is coconut based). You will be able to take home your bars after the class.

Heart or Egg Painting Classes:

Make your own chocolate Heart Box or Easter Egg cast in dark chocolate! Hand paint your own mold, cast it in dark chocolate, make your own little tempered chocolate treats to put inside, put it together, and box it up to take away! Perfect for a fun activity and great for a gift after (or you can just eat it yourself…).


Due to space and time limitations, our advanced level truffle and ganache classes have been halted indefinitely.

NOTICE: If you have purchased or received a chocolate workshop gift card from us prior to May 10, 2022, please contact us regarding your class registration as our class fees have changed.

WORKSHOP AND CLASS REFUND POLICY: We offer refunds on a case by case basis, but only in exigent circumstances. Situations in which we will NOT issue refunds are if you forget that you bought tickets, if you double booked another event, or if you failed to allow enough time for travel or failed to purchase enough tickets for your group and the event is now sold out. Due to cost expenditures, limited space, and difficulty selling cancelled tickets on short notice, we do not offer refunds requested with less than 48 hours notice. In instances of illness or emergency, we can offer a transfer of your ticket to another attendee, or, in some circumstances, to another class date, with only one transfer permitted per order. We do not offer refunds on previously transferred tickets. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE REQUIRE THAT ALL STUDENTS WEAR A MASK DURING OUR CLASS AS STUDENTS ARE IN AN ENCLOSED SPACE FOR UP TO THREE HOURS. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE DRESSED APPROPRIATELY FOR A KITCHEN ENVIRONMENT (no open toed shoes or extreme high heels, please wear a shirt, preferably with sleeves that can be pushed up, hair tied back, aprons welcomed!). WE DO NOT PROVIDE SHOES, APRONS, HAIR TIES, OR MASKS.